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CareSightView is the brand name for the service offering devised by Open Medys and CareExcel. CareSightView uses a PBT to provide access to clinical data, entertainment and information services

PBTs are the fundamental building blocks of CareSightView. They are computers located at hospital bedsides for use by patients and medical staff. They allow hospital staff to access and input patient data at the bedside and to automate certain other processes such as meal ordering.

For the patient, they provide a range of services, such as:

  1. Bullet telephone calls;

  2. Bullet an attractive package of TV channels;

  3. Bullet touch-screen based internet access;

  4. Bullet WiFi hotspot access for patients and visitors;

  5. Bullet access to non personal medical and hospital information; and

  6. Bullet access to a variety of entertainment services e.g. games, video, music

No Ethernet at bedside?

Industry proven DSL technology in combination with an enterprise class PBX system will deliver IP and digital phone to each bed side, without cabling.

The technology used by Open Medys in the hospitals is proven in a number of deployments and is based on standard off-the-shelf components such as: compact touch-screen PCs; user interface software; DSL or Ethernet distribution networks; Video On Demand (“VOD”) and Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) servers and applications; and account management, billing and central administration applications.

Although the penetration rate of such technology is very low in healthcare, each component of the overall solution is standard, e.g. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and VOD have been present in the hospitality environment for many years, DSL distribution networks offer broadband internet to millions of private subscribers in most developed economies and rugged tactile PCs are extensively used in public points of sale units.

Open Medys usses its partnership with CareExcel to deliver mission critical back office components.

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The majority of hospitals are administratively expensive and time consuming to run.  Bringing real-time patient data to the bedside improves staff efficiency and also improves quality of service for the patient through fewer medical errors, e.g. automatic checking of allergies, real-time medication prescription and administration tracking at the point of care.